Knitting in Tlaxcala with Juanita

Our gracious host, Juanita, is very talented.  One such talent is a style of knitting that does NOT use knitting needles, but only fingers and is very “rapido.”  At our “Welcome Party,” she presented MsSardo (Patricia) with a recent sample of her knitting.  See following . . .   

Juanita Presents Patricia w New Knitted Dudes

 So, the ladies wanted to know how to make such nice clothing so quickly.  If you are interested, read on . . .

Juanita took the ladies on a shopping tour for inexpensive yarn in nearby Santa Ana.  The shop was selling 4 skeins for about 100 pesos which is less than $10.00 USD.  Here is the shop and the enthusiastic shoppers . . .    


Juanita Shows Patricia THE Yarn

The Knitting "Candy" Store 🙂

Juanita Shows Racquel and Patricia "the ropes" of Knitting

Once they selected their yarn, Juanita got right to down to business and showed Raquel (“compadre” of Jaunita) and Patricia (traveler extraordinaire) how to knit hats and capes without knitting needles.

In the meantime, “what are the boys” to do while “the girls” are learning a new skill?  Well, we decided to get some ice cream at the local tourist “Italian Mouse” shop and then check out “the beach” for bare bottoms  I think you will get “the picture” by scanning down . . . 

The Italian Mouse and His Ice Cream

And here we check out the bare bottoms checking out the beach (of Acapulco 🙂 

The Bare Bottoms of Acapulco -- gotcha

 You would think the ladies had enough by 5:00 PM or so, but they still checked out one last knitting shop before we headed home . . . 

Knitting Must Be An Addiction Of Some Kind!

 Another time, I will show you the “other side” of Juanita, the “construction boss,” and our new rental property under construction.  Adios, from Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mexico.   Genuine-Tourist, reporting. 


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    This is an old blog, our dear friend Steve passed away and we sure do miss him. Patricia returned to their home in Wisconsin. Really great friends.

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