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TLAXACLA — The Community and Its Children

Over the past three years, we have been living in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mx, for 3 to 4 months.  During our stays, we have had the pleasure of watching the children of Tlaxcala at play and performing for the the general public.  In the following video, you will be introduced to the city of Tlaxcala, to the “casa” we occupy, and then to the children of the community.  Puppets and dolls were and still are  popular in Mexico and were historically used to teach children lessons.  One slide in the presentation shows a “prehispanic puppet” that is of a pregnant mother and the baby.  Other puppets from the colonial period follow.  The segment ends with a photo  an arena with puppets in a “cock”  fight.  You will also see a brief segment of paintings done by young people. Much more is in the video, especially several segments of youth dancing in the center of the city at the Zócalo.   So stay tune as the video brings you many photos and some “live” video.

Silversard, AKA, THE Genuine Tourist, reporting from Baraboo, WI, USA


Food/Trade Show–San Jose Tetel

3 Amigos at the Food/Trade Show

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day in Apizaco, Mx, and today is no different. However, “we warmed our hearts” and “our bellys” by attending a “Food/Trade” fair in the nearby community of San Jose Telel. We made some new friends who wanted to see themselves on the internet, so their photo is above. You can see a “YouTube” Video of the Food/Trade Show —and, I posted a lot of photos with close ups on the food dishes on Facebook at —

We are headed to Huatulco and 100 degree heat next Wednesday to inaugurate the creation of library for the children of San Felipe Lachillo high in the mountains above Huatulco. We won’t be in touch by internet much for about two weeks because we will following up the library event with a dental mission in northern Puebla. Eventually, we will return to Tlaxalca about March 10th or so and try to publish a little about our journey(s).

Hope you are all staying warm during these cold times, cold even in Mexico!

Stephen, Genuine Tourist reporting from Apizaco, Mx

Carnaval in Apizaco, Tlaxcala

“Fat Tuesday” is tomorrow, but at least one group (camada) of dancers was on the streets of Apizaco yesterday (Valentine’s Day).  Here is a photo followed by a video with more photos at the end of the video. 

Dancers Spinning in the Streets of Apizaco

It is hard to describe how much money and time and energy goes into such performances.  Patricia asked some of the young girls about their beautiful costumes and was told they were sewn by the girls themselves.  I wonder if the same could be said for the men and their costumes!  Also, I am just showing you a short video containing several short clips from two different street locations of the same group.  But, the dancers actually danced over an hour straight and then took about 10 minutes to move to another place where they danced again for at least a half hour.  No wonder so many of them look so skinny!  An exercise equipment salesperson would not make it in most villages due to the  hard work and hard play of the people :-). 

These performances will go on for WEEKS in many different locations all over the state.  Sometimes many “camadas” or “groups” will come together in one place and vendors will set up booths with delicious foods around their perimeter.  At other times, just one group will perform for a while in the streets and then move on to another location like the group feature in the video. 

Well, somehow, we will manage to see our share of them in the states of Tlaxcala and Puebla.  Wish you were here.  We hear it is sooo cold in the USA, even in the southern states. 

Stephen, THE Genuine Tourist, reporting from Apizaco, Tlaxcala, MX 

Tlaxcala — Coronation of 2010 Queens and King

On Friday, we traveled from Apizaco to Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, to watch the coronation of the Queens (adult and child) and King for Carnaval 2010.  Last year, I video taped the coronation and placed it on YouTube.  It has since received almost 2,000 views.  So here is the video of this year’s coronation . . .

Tomorrow, I may post some photos and video of the actual Carnaval parade.  Most of the photos, however, will be of the floats because the crowd in front of me prevented me from photographing much of the “ground action.”

Genuine Tourist, Stephen, reporting from Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Mx

Wrapping Up-Tlaxcala-2009

Of course, it is always difficult to leave new “family” and friends behind, but, nevertheless, we had to say our “good byes” to our friends in Tlaxcala this past winter after spending over three months with many of them. So, I decided to do a “video wrap up” which featured our last activities, including two wonderful farewell dinners 🙂  If you haven’t experienced a “Mexican bus ride,”  stay tuned for the last half of the embedded video and “brace yourself” for the ride down the mountains into Mexico city.  We do hope to see all of our “amigos” again next winter around the end of January 2010.  Wow, another decade ending . . . . . . oh, here it is —

Stephen, a “Genuine Tourist,” reporting from Baraboo, WI




Tlaxcala Zócalo Weekends

One is almost always pleasantly surprised when “haunting” the Zócalo in the pleasant city of Tlaxcala, MX. Here are a collection of videos and still photos primarily taken on weekend while visiting the Zócalo. 

Stephen, Genuine Tourist, posting from Baraboo, WI, USA

Tochimizolco — Children At Play

During our recent trip to Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, I volunteered my spouse, Patricia, to do dental hygiene work at a medical mission in Tochimizolco, Puebla 🙂   We “joined up” with the team in Puebla and took a chartered bus to Tochimizolco where we spent about 3 days seeing about 600 patients.  Of course, many of the patients came from many miles and had to spend hours waiting in long lines.  However, the team assigned numbers to every patient during intake, and the patients worked with the system very well and were able to legitimately jump in and out of various lines based upon their assigned numbers.  In the meantime, many children were waiting upon their parents (or were themselves patients).   The children were delightful and well mannered.  Many of them received photos of themselves from staff who had served them the previous year. 

While waiting, the children were able to participate in various activities either arranged by staff or on their own.  Some of the activities were formally developed in order to rehearse for a performance for the medical team on the last day.  Here is a video of some of the children in some of their activities.

Stephen, a “Genuine-Tourist” reporting from his easy chair in Baraboo, WI, USA