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Walking While Stepping Backwards

Patricia Sardeson speaks . . . .

It occurred to me as we went walking in downtown Tlaxcala that much of what we see is like it was when I was a child and went downtown in our small Wisconsin city so many years ago. It was the thing to do on a Saturday morning, to go downtown, get a coke and French fries, see friends, and possibly a movie as well.


As were were walking we noticed the vast amounts of large shoe stores. Many were next door to each other creating much competition for each other. There were so many styles, sizes, colors and infinite varieties of shoes it was just mind boggling to think of which one to choose. We haven’t seen this on main street USA in many years. I remember the “Red Goose” and “Poll Parrot” shoe stores of my youth. As a young women, I would look in the window and think how cute they were and want the latest styles. Many times, they didn’t have them in my size. Here they have every size from infant to Large in the window. It is kind of fun to look ,see, and laugh at how impossible it must be to walk in some of those. The colors are also fun. Shoes for men in bright Blue, Pink, Red and whatever you have the nerve to wear. Women’s shoes that are so high that you are literally walking on your toes. I personally can’t see how the women walk on these cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks in them, but they do and don’t seem to trip as frequently as I do in my “sensible” shoes.

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Sardeson 2009 Family Holiday Newsletter

We are both well and continuing to enjoy our retirement. We enjoy our morning coffee in leisure each day and take our time checking the INTERNET for news and e-mails etc. Life is good and very uncomplicated for us, and we consider it a great blessing.

As we contemplate our last year there is much to be thankful for and much ahead of us this year to ask for prayers for. We will be leaving Dec 21st to drive to Miami to depart for Haiti to do dental work and construction at the Cap Haitien Children’s Home. We will be joining the Christian workers  from Flint, Michigan. We are looking forward to our first time in Haiti. Our adopted daughter, Mary Nerlande Joseph, will join us and do some interpreting for us. It is her home town so we will be meeting her family for the first time.

Our time in Mexico this year was good again. We deepened our friendships and made new ones and enjoyed the wonderful weather. We went to ruins, visited cities, spent some time in Mexico City and learned some history. We also joined a Methodist group from Kansas and AZ who did a dental/medical mission in Tochimilzco. It was hard work but really great to be part of a team who have been doing this work for over 20 years.

We successfully avoided the H1N1 flu of Mexico as well. However, Pat came home sick with a bacterial infection, but after meds was fine. We, therefore, have decided this year to book Mexico after we return from Haiti to make sure we are well. In April of 2010, we will repeat at dental mission in MX.

Both of our children’s’ families are doing well and prospering, and the grandchildren continue to be a real delight for us. We enjoy seeing them in some of their school events and sports etc. Of course, they are still a few hours away (both families) so we have to arrange our busy schedule to get there. He he. We do carry day planners and keep electronic Yahoo calendars to keep up with ourselves.

Pat has done quite a bit of fill in work for dental hygiene, and Steve has embarked on a new career as a substitute teacher. He really likes special ed and has already “stepped in the gap” a few times in Middle and High School in Baraboo.

We celebrated our Christmas with our Children’s families at Thanksgiving due to leaving before Christmas for Haiti. We are told the Haiti experience will really change us, so we are trying to anticipate the worst and hopefully not see it. We are also planning on doing a library in the mountain village of San Felipe Lachillo, northwest of Huatulco in southern Oaxaca, MX this year. We have approval and support from expatriates in the capitol of Oaxaca, but now we have to get through some little obstacles with the village and the California book suppliers as well. Please keep this in your hearts and prayers for us as well, especially for our long over the mountains bus trips.

Scott (son), Jen, Tami (daughter), Bill, my father, Pat, Dani, David, Jeff, & Sean

We remember you often and thank God for all of you in our lives. We ask you to keep us in your prayers as we take on these challenges to do this mission work.

We wish you all a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Sardesons

Laundry Day by Patricia

Doing laundry in Mexico is another challenge. Of course many Americans would choose the option of having a maid do it, but for us, with our challenging economy, I decided to do it myself.

In the past, we have taken it to the “lavendaria” but that is a few blocks away here, and it is heavy. We were fortunate to have our neighbors offer us the use of theirs, and then our landlord gave us an apartment size machine to use.

Laundry Machine On Our Tub Platform

Laundry Machine On Our Tub Platform

  A washing machine in Mexico is not the equivalent of a washing machine in the USA. Here the machine agitates the clothes and nothing else. You can choose between heavy soiled clothes and normal. You can chose between washing and emptying the machine and that is about all the options you have on the machine except for a timer. I am sure that there are other machines that do more but most homes don’t have plumbing for machines like we do in the USA. Continue reading

Pole Dancing by Patricia

We arrived tired in Mexico City as usual being that travel takes its toll on you.  We left Chicago at 6:00 am and arrived in Mexico City around 1:00 pm.  We had just a little glitch in finding our guides at the airport but it was solved when we found the right door to be standing in front of.  All went smoothly as we departed the airport and got to our hotel as well.  We stayed very close to Alameda Park in Mexico and that was a terrific sight.  We were able to walk or take the Metro to almost every place.  

Speaking of the Metro, that is an experience.   Our guide Bob Cox with his wife Raquel told us to be ready to push, put your back pack in front of you, and watch people closely.   They should have warned me more about the speed of the metro.  The people were no problem at all.   When we got on, of course there were no seats, so you grab a pole or overhead rail.   I chose the pole.   I now have a new understanding of “pole dancers”   When the train takes off, it REALLY takes off.   It is super fast.  Now if all you have is a pole, you must grab it and wrapping a leg around it is also a very good idea. You are knocked off balance when it takes off and the momentum seems to keep you feeling off balance so you grab it tighter.   Now another problem comes in.   At that speed they make very SUDDEN stops.   Now the challenge is with your leg wrapped around the pole and hanging on tight you have to do a little dance so as not to slam you face into the pole.   It takes technique.   The next trips I did my best to sit.

Poles Dancing Anyone

Poles Dancing Anyone


We really saw the sights in 3 days but could see thousands more. I think I was expecting to see it being more declined and more poverty. Truly I think I see more of that in Oaxaca. We left via bus to Tlaxcala and that was a very nice ride and scenery. The bus was very large, clean, and comfortable.


Patricia (AKA, MsSardo), a Genuine Tourist type reporting from Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mx

Holiday Newsletter — 2008

Sardeson Annual Newsletter ‘08

Greetings all. We have had quite a year of adventure. Pat retired from dental hygiene on 12/31/07, and Steve retired from working with the State of WI on 1/22/08.

On 1/29/08, we landed for 4 mos. in Mexico arriving first in Veracruz. We managed to land right during carnival, and it was marvelous. We had no idea it would be so spectacular, and it was a real treat. From there we went up into the mountains of the MX state of Veracruz and landed in Xalapa for 6 weeks. We met many delightful friends and look forward to returning there. This is the area of Mexico that Jalapeno peppers are known for and a wonderful local treat is Chilies rellenos. They are filled peppers. Some can be very hot; others are tolerable but all are very good.

Our next leg of the adventure took us to Oaxaca and Huatulco again. We landed in Huatulco for 3 weeks, and were able to catch up with many friends and also participate in a visit to one of our favorite “projects” for the school age children of San Filipe. Pat got the most unusual privilege of inoculating 75+ chickens that the children are raising for their part in a “feed the children” project. Our next hope is to raise enough monies to provide them with a library. Don’t get us started on how little schools in MX have for teaching aids and supplies and, yes, even food for the children.

We then returned to Oaxaca and on to Tlaxcala. Here we fell in love with the city, state and the people. We will return there for 3 mos. starting this Jan. We also had the privilege of working in a medical mission while there in the mountains. Pat was to do dental work and Steve what ever they needed. But as fate would have it, we ended up doing lots of leg work and Pat some interpreting for the Drs. It was very enlightening on how the people live and also another time to tell you at length how much we enjoyed our bit of participation.

We returned to Huatulco to see our friend Luis attempt to swim the ocean bays for the benefit of the children of San Filipe. We spent our last week there in a villa and felt like royalty and really enjoyed it but by now we were anxious to return to the USA.

We got back to the USA on 5/29 and began our summer filled with family events, grandkids, friends and some more travel to AR and IL to visit Pat’s brother Bill and wife Marie and her sister Gail (and David and Kyle). It was great to catch up with family. We were able to see some of JoAn’s family, too, as they traveled this way on their way to Canada and stopped to visit us. It is so great to have family. We spent quite a bit of time this summer at WCYC (Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp) with our families and grandchildren and volunteering. Steve did some much needed repairs, and Pat helped where needed mostly in the Kitchen.

Pat has returned to work as needed for Dental Associates here in Baraboo when the opportunity comes up. Steve is doing the much wanted to do home improvements to our Baraboo house and, yes, we are still there. We have decided to wait for a little while before trying to sell again in this market. We are, however, using a mailing service as we are on the move so much. Please direct all our mail to —  
506 Linn St. PMB #123:
Baraboo, WI 53913

We also celebrated 2 big events this year. Steve turned 60 and we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, we were married very young, but we think making it 40 years says a lot. Of course, I always say we must be doing alright as Steve is still alive after nearly a whole year of retirement and mostly 24/7 with each other. He he. 

If you would like to hear more of our adventures in Mexico, we will be happy to tell you. Steve managed to take 7,000 pictures and over 500 videos on his camera. Pat has 2 hrs of edited video of the highlights of the trip. We just wanted to let you know what you are in for if you ask to see our photos. He he.Even as we speak of our great adventures, please be assured that we did miss the USA and our wonderful family and friends.

We have shortened our stay this year but continue to feel a strong desire to do some good for others in whatever way we can now that we have been blessed with time during our retirement.We do keep in touch while away via internet and e-mail (Steve’s new blog,, so please feel free to send us an update from time to time as to what you all are doing as well.

Our hope is that God richly blesses each one of you in this next year with much love, happiness and good health.

Feliz Navidad and Prospero Nuevo Ano.  
The Sardesons,
Steve and Pat