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TLAXACLA — The Community and Its Children

Over the past three years, we have been living in Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mx, for 3 to 4 months.  During our stays, we have had the pleasure of watching the children of Tlaxcala at play and performing for the the general public.  In the following video, you will be introduced to the city of Tlaxcala, to the “casa” we occupy, and then to the children of the community.  Puppets and dolls were and still are  popular in Mexico and were historically used to teach children lessons.  One slide in the presentation shows a “prehispanic puppet” that is of a pregnant mother and the baby.  Other puppets from the colonial period follow.  The segment ends with a photo  an arena with puppets in a “cock”  fight.  You will also see a brief segment of paintings done by young people. Much more is in the video, especially several segments of youth dancing in the center of the city at the Zócalo.   So stay tune as the video brings you many photos and some “live” video.

Silversard, AKA, THE Genuine Tourist, reporting from Baraboo, WI, USA


People Watching in Tlaxcala

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Mexico Mystic And Claudia

 Although Bob Cox, AKA, Mexico Mystic, would not “put his family out there,” I would like to share with readers how Mexico has been enriched by Bob, a one time, long time, illegal alien, South of the Border gringo, who has finally decided to “go straight.”

While young but not too foolish, Bob married a young lady from Puebla who new “better English” than the girl he first dated in Mexico. I guess it was the right call because the young lady, named Raquel, went on to be an accomplished English teacher in the Mexico federal school system for over 30 yrs.

In between “leaping over tall buildings with a single bound,” Raquel also “pushed out” for him two children, named Michael and Claudia. Of course, Michael and Claudia both become fluent in Spanish and English, like their parents, and went on to give Bob and Raquel a total of 4 grandchildren who currently all live in Puebla.

You can see photos of both Bob and Raquel at –


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Cinco De Mayo and its Brave Defenders

Today is Cinco De Mayo, an unofficial Mexican holiday, which is heavily celebrated in Puebla, Mexico, and California and Texas, USA.  We were fortunate to be in Puebla for the Cinco de Mayo parade in 2008.  We also have toured the battle field and one of the two forts defended by the Mexicans against the French in 1862. You can read why Cinco de Mayo should celebrated by all Americans (Mexicans and USA) by either viewing or reading the following article.

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Walking While Stepping Backwards

Patricia Sardeson speaks . . . .

It occurred to me as we went walking in downtown Tlaxcala that much of what we see is like it was when I was a child and went downtown in our small Wisconsin city so many years ago. It was the thing to do on a Saturday morning, to go downtown, get a coke and French fries, see friends, and possibly a movie as well.


As were were walking we noticed the vast amounts of large shoe stores. Many were next door to each other creating much competition for each other. There were so many styles, sizes, colors and infinite varieties of shoes it was just mind boggling to think of which one to choose. We haven’t seen this on main street USA in many years. I remember the “Red Goose” and “Poll Parrot” shoe stores of my youth. As a young women, I would look in the window and think how cute they were and want the latest styles. Many times, they didn’t have them in my size. Here they have every size from infant to Large in the window. It is kind of fun to look ,see, and laugh at how impossible it must be to walk in some of those. The colors are also fun. Shoes for men in bright Blue, Pink, Red and whatever you have the nerve to wear. Women’s shoes that are so high that you are literally walking on your toes. I personally can’t see how the women walk on these cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks in them, but they do and don’t seem to trip as frequently as I do in my “sensible” shoes.

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Carnaval In Ocotelulco, A Delight

While our experience in Tlaxcala, Mx, may be a bit skewed by the fact we visit only between the months of late January and April or so, it seems to us that Tlaxcala’s “core cultural” can be found in its rich Carnaval tradition. Consequently, this “Genuine Tourist” has chosen to use the Carnaval theme as this year’s logo.  

It was difficult to capture the Carnaval theme because of so many fine “Camada’s” (dancing groups) have been performing in so many neighborhoods and villages throughout Tlaxcala. However, I have chosen a group very close “to home” by landing on this picture of dancers in OCOTELULCO, a community located just above our own neighborhood (of ACXOTLA DE RIO). The following photo is my T-Shirt Logo photo for this year. 

Carnaval Dancers In Action

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Our Casa Gets A Makeover

It is good to be living in Tlaxcala again in the same place we have lived for the past two winters. We were pleasantly surprised to find that our “casa” had been painted and cleaned “inside and out” during our absence. A photo follows of our Mexican home’s new look.

Our Puerta or Gate and Upstairs on Left

Walking up to our First Floor

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